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Technology Transfer Tactics, August 2019 Issue

Technology Transfer Tactics, August 2019 IssueThe following is a list of the articles that appear in the August 2019 issue of Technology Transfer Tactics monthly newsletter. If you are already a current subscriber click here to log in and access your issue. Not a subscriber already? Subscribe now and get access to this issue as well as access to our online archive of back issues, industry research reports, sample MTAs, legal opinions, sample forms and contracts, government documents and more!

Technology Transfer Tactics
Vol. 13, No. 8, August 2019

  • Court ruling undermines sovereign immunity, puts university patents at risk. State universities are now in a weaker position when protecting patents from inter partes review (IPR) petitions, after the Federal Circuit court ruled that sovereign immunity does not apply in patent challenges. The ruling could require some universities to reassess their patent enforcement strategies and brace for significantly higher costs from increased IPRs.
  • NYU’s Future Labs blazes path for scalable start-ups and exits-by-acquisition. New York University’s Future Labs has been churning out one start-up after another, and it just crossed the threshold of 20 exits via acquisition – an astounding record of financial success that many TTOs would like to emulate. So how do they do it? The answer involves carefully selecting start-ups to back with the greatest chance for success and monitoring their progress carefully. It also helps that the incubator’s main goal is not to cultivate IP from NYU.
  • Commercialization fellowships help get more innovations off the shelf. Many good ideas are born in university labs. However, the road from an idea to commercialization is fraught with many pitfalls. In some cases, a valuable idea may languish in a lab for lack of an available entrepreneurial scientist to take it further. To help overcome that gap, a number of universities are creating commercialization fellowship programs.
  • Legal Consult: UK court decision highlights need for U.S. patent reform. A recent UK court ruling that a European patent on a groundbreaking invention is valid and infringed contrasts with a U.S. court invalidating a similar patent as not patent eligible. This disconnect between jurisdictions highlights the importance of current efforts to fix U.S. patent law.
  • UGA launches digital images and artwork licensing program. Patented and patentable technologies may “rule the roost” in tech transfer, but that doesn’t mean universities are ignoring other creative forms of innovation that may be desirable to licensees and could represent potential new revenues — not to mention the chance to get more faculty involved in commercialization activity.
  • Should your TTO have its own dedicated grant writer? Usually, grant writers are situated in a sponsored research office. But at Indiana University the Innovation & Commercialization Office, the school’s TTO, has a grant writer of its own.

Posted August 15th, 2019