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U of Wollongong start-up advances cost-effective sensor to make radiotherapy safer

A University of Wollongong (UOW) start-up is commercializing the world’s most advanced and cost-effective medical radiation sensor technology.

While current radiotherapy methods are generally safe and effective, roughly half of patients will suffer some level of unwanted organ or tissue damage, which can affect a patient’s health and even increase the probability of secondary tumors. These procedures currently rely on techniques that offer limited accuracy and reliability to measure specific radiation dose and dose rate.

MOSkin’s tool precisely measures radiation dose and dose rate in real time, leading to better outcomes for radiotherapy patients by lowering the incidence of under- or over-delivery of radiation. The technology can be used by clinicians as an inexpensive, single-use, disposable wireless sensor, or as a multi-use radiation measurement device for monitoring angiograms and diagnostic and interventional radiology scans.

“MOSkin radiation sensor technology provides peace of mind for the patient and physician,” says co-inventor and UOW professor Anatoly Rozenfeld. “It is the only real-time radiation sensor that provides an accurate measure of dose to the skin during radiation therapy treatment or diagnostic radiology procedures.”

The MOSkin technology has been proven in multiple successful clinical tests in Australia, Europe, Brazil and Malaysia to be suitable for real-time radiation measurements.

“Both my parents passed away from cancer, and finding the best treatment or improved treatment is my important role in society,” says Rozenfeld. “It is always good to see that the outcome of your research is more than a published paper.”

Source: Mirage News

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