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Licensing Manager, Research-Office of Intellectual Property at Boston Children’s Hospital


Job Posting Description

The Licensing Manager works with Children’s research and clinical faculty to assess and market innovation arising from their research; negotiates the transfer of Children’s innovations technology to corporate partners for product development. 

Principal Duties 

  1. Technology Management: Receives, processes and organizes innovations from multiple departments/programs at BCH. Analyzes research support; discerns consequences to innovations of such support.
  2. Disclosure Evaluation: Assesses commercial potential of a technology and conducts a standard evaluation focused on: strength of IP, stage of technology, market potential and other tangible/intangible attributes.
  3. Patent Management: Works with outside patent counsel and coordinates activities with internal Operations Group on a portfolio of patents/patent applications; communicates IP issues to Department Chiefs and researches in a convincing manner, leading to go/no go decisions in order to be a good steward of BCH resources.
  4. Managing Faculty Relationships / Ambassadorship:  Provides excellent service to faculty and is an ambassador for the office within hospital. Manages complex relationships with faculty, with minimal support from supervisor.
  5. Intellectual Property and Deal Valuation:  With minimal support from supervisor, evaluates relative value of intellectual property and to value such intellectual property in transactions with corporate partners.
  6. Agreements:  Negotiates, drafts and manages simple agreements (NDAs, MoUs, IIAs); communicates issues to researchers and third parties; negotiates these agreements independently; works closely and cooperatively with TIDO’s Contracts Group.
  7. Complex Agreements: Develops business strategy and negotiating terms for Term Sheets, Options, Sponsored Research Agreements and Non-exclusive and Exclusive Licenses with minimal supervision by senior management; works closely and cooperatively with TIDO’s Contracts Group.
  8. Stakeholder Management: Communicates professionally and works in an environment with multiple stakeholders. Manages complex situations with guidance from senior management.
  9. Start-Up Companies: Manages complex relationships, both internal and external, as it relates to faculty-initiated start-up companies; works with Conflict of Interest Officer, Office of General Counsel and other relevant groups at BCH; has basic understanding of equity-based licenses.
  10. Commercialization Strategy: With assistance from senior management, develops commercialization plans for major assets in an IP portfolio; including documenting the process by which a new product or service may be introduced into the market, taking into account the developmental needs of the technology, production requirements, financial projections, market analysis and other factors required to achieve commercial success.

Advanced Degree in Life Science, Engineering , Business or Law and 2 years of direct experience required in scientific/technology evaluation, business development/marketing, patent examination or similar.

  1. Ability to understand broad areas of life sciences research.
  2. Ability to discern commercial potential from life sciences research.
  3. Knowledge of patent law.
  4. Proficient in applying knowledge of commercialization process to development of commercialization plans.
  5. Ability to interact effectively with researchers, company’s representatives, outside patent counsel and others within BCH to accelerate technology commercialization.
  6. Strong communication skills.
  7. Ability to build strong relationships with industry.
  8. Proficiency in use of databases, Microsoft Office.
  9. Strong scientific/technical ability.

Boston Children’s Hospital is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran status or disability.



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