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Łódź U of Technology launches 5G research network connecting companies and academia

By David Schwartz
Published: May 18th, 2020

Poland’s Łódź University of Technology has launched a 5G research network that directly connects client companies and technology providers as well as research and development centers. The new DIH5G Digital Innovation Hub forms part of a trans-European network of such hubs.

“We want to test solutions for smart cities and buildings there,” said Poland’s Development Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz, adding that “the pandemic experience has clearly showed that successful entry into the realm of new technologies and embracing the creative skills for using them determined the fate of companies.”

Sweden’s Ericsson and Fundingbox growth catalyst has joined in the collaboration. Ericsson is contributing a radio access network (RAN) operating in the 4G and 5G technologies. Working at 700MHz (4G) and 3.5GHz (5G) frequencies, the RAN consists of four rooftop installations on the university’s campus. A fifth base station called the ZeroSite will be added in the coming months, which will feature a street lamp with an LTE transmitter. Core network software and Ericsson’s management system are also being employed.

“The economic and social potential of 5G technology will be tested and applied as part of the Digital Innovation Hub. Making it available for innovators, it comes as a great opportunity for the solution competitiveness among Polish companies that may enter the market along with the popularization of 5G technology. It is a great satisfaction for Ericsson to be able to share lab-bred solutions that now are out on the research and commercial market,” said Ericsson Poland CEO Martin Mellor.

The DIH5G is also integrating a social network built by Fundingbox, which will support funding applications and consultancy services for 5G implementations.

The DIH5G and its social network will be used by some 20,000 students and campus staff at Łódź. “The pilot network will serve researchers, students and businesses within a common space, which in turn will allow for creative and synergic development of 5G systems and their application in the Industry 4.0,” said Chancellor Sławomir Wiak.

The European Commission plans to have 5G operational in at least one city of each EU member state. By 2025, all of major EU cities and main transportation routes are expected to have 5G implemented as well. Source:

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