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Planning and Assessment for Safely Re-Opening On-Campus Tech Transfer Office Operations

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: May 27th, 2020

The transition to off-campus, remote working environments came swiftly and without the luxury of much advanced planning for many TTOs. Now, just as staff get comfortable in their new daily routines, federal and state governments are eager to re-open the country and get back to “normal.” Research labs are beginning non-essential work again, plans for the fall semester are coming into focus, and TTOs faces the difficult challenge of determining when and how to resume on-campus activity — and what that should look like as safety guidelines, research activity, and budget issues evolve.

To help inform and guide you, Tech Transfer Central’s Distance Learning Division has teamed up with TTO directors from three universities facing vastly different pandemic impacts and issues – MIT, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, and University of Nebraska. They will discuss the ongoing effects of the shutdown on their TTOs, their assessments and plans for transitioning back to campus, and what the future holds for their universities, their offices, their staff, and the faculty, students, and other stakeholders they serve.

Join us for this insightful and critically important webinar: Planning and Assessment for Safely Re-Opening On-Campus Tech Transfer Office Operations, scheduled for June 24th. For complete program and faculty details and to register, click here.

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