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UW receives patent for novel air filtration technology licensed to spinout Agentis Air

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: June 24th, 2020

The University of Washington (UW) recently secured a patent for a new form of high-capacity, energy-efficient air filtration.

Developed under the direction of Igor Krichtafovitch at the UW Sensors, Energy, and Automation Laboratory, the Advanced Particle Removal Technology (APART) could serve as the foundation for a new generation of energy-efficient purification devices and as an adaptation for current or legacy systems.

The innovation arrives amidst growing concerns over airborne diseases such as COVID-19 and the need to control indoor air quality in order to protect respiratory health. It can be used in air purification and HVAC design applications for commercial and consumer markets.

Unlike mechanical HEPA-style systems that rely on pass-through filtration, APART has no filter to clog. As a result it boasts improved airflow, lower energy use, lower cost and less noisy operation. It also is capable of smart control, enabling on-demand adjustment of system filtration levels and energy use.

Krichtafovitch serves as director of research and development at Agentis Air, which signed an exclusive worldwide license with UW to commercialize the technology.

“Dr. Krichtafovitch and Agentis Air have been working closely with UW’s CoMotion innovation hub for several years to develop this technology and to build a patent portfolio so the technology can be brought to market,” says Larry Rothenberg, president of Agentis Air. “We are excited about the patent and the numerous energy-saving commercial filtration applications that this foundational technology may enable.”

Source: Cision

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