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MIT researchers develop double-barreled syringe that could replace drug infusions

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: September 9th, 2020

Researchers at MIT have developed a double-barreled syringe that makes it possible to inject high-concentration biologic drugs subcutaneously.

The device could replace infusions as the standard biologics delivery route. Combining the injectable drug with a thin layer of lubricant, the syringe only requires one-seventh of the force needed to manually inject biologics, which have to be diluted when delivered via infusion.

The technology isn’t the first attempt at a more convenient biologics dosing option, but it could have several advantages over competitors. Jet injectors, for example, provide patients with a needle-free option, but they’re also expensive and prone to contamination. Auto-injectors like the EpiPen are another option, but they are also more expensive and complicated than the MIT syringe.

Led by professor Kripa K. Varanasi, the research team aims for the device to eventually be used for at-home treatment for autoimmune diseases, blood disorders and more, as well as to save hospitals and patients time and money on infusions. For now, the researchers have geared development towards aiding population-wide vaccination efforts in developing countries.

Source: Fierce Pharma

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