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U Minnesota launches new portal as “front door” for corporations seeking engagement

The University of Minnesota has launched a new online portal that serves as a front door for potential corporate partners. Industry Engagement at the U, developed by the University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF), provides a simple, straightforward waypoint for industry leaders seeking engagement opportunities. The portal seeks to take the guesswork out of academic-industry collaboration, which can be especially helpful for companies looking for first-time partnerships.

Steven Corkery, UMF’s associate vice president of corporate and foundation relations, said the portal can help companies navigate big and small engagement opportunities, from from recruiting talent to finding new branding opportunities and sponsoring research.

“Our job is to help companies navigate the university and connect companies with resources at the university that will help them with their business needs,” Corkery said. “Often, the expertise of university faculty and the research infrastructure found here provide new ways to address these needs, and in some cases they inspire totally new ideas. The Industry Engagement at the U portal is one way we begin the conversations that ultimately lead to fruitful public-private collaborations.”

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