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U of Nottingham start-up develops cutting-edge wearable brain scanner

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: December 16th, 2020

A start-up from the University of Nottingham aims to commercialize what it calls “the world’s most advanced functional brain scanner.”

Launched in partnership with the university and imaging company Magnetic Shields Limited (MSL), Cerca is marketing its technology as the only wearable magnetoencephalography (MEG) system, allowing patients to move freely during scans.

MEG systems measure the tiny magnetic fields generated by electrical current flow in the brain cells to create images of the brain with millimeter accuracy. The Cerca System can do this even when the patient is moving, which could open up new possibilities for imaging babies and children. It also offers considerably higher sensitivity and spatial specificity compared to even the best MEG systems, all at a lower cost.

“Neurological disorders like epilepsy often strike in young children, and this new system will provide new information to medical professionals which they can use in treatment planning,” says Elena Boto, researcher at the University of Nottingham and chief technology officer at Cerca. “To have seen this mature into a commercializable imaging system, which can outperform anything available currently, has been remarkable.”

David Woolger, CEO of Cerca, comments, “The system that has been developed in Nottingham is remarkable, but its real impact will only be realized if the technology can be spread around the world. Cerca are already working with some of the world’s best research laboratories to deliver our first generation of system for deployment in the field. We hope and believe that within 3-5 years, we can see the technology becoming commonplace in hospitals.”

Source: East Midlands Business Link

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