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Fortifying Inventorship Policies to Avoid Disputes and Ensure Maximum IP Protection

In the university setting, determining IP inventorship is complex. Steps must be taken to evaluate whether the contribution of each individual in the lab — including students and post-docs — meets the inventive activity requirements according to the Patent Act. Add in researchers from more than one institution or a corporate partner, and things can get very sticky.

Given the stakes, it’s critical that your university fortify its inventorship policies to guide PIs in determining the level of inventorship each individual who contributed to the IP deserves. 

Without clearly defined policy and practices, egos can get bruised, relationships can get damaged, and dollars due to the university and its researchers can be lost. What’s more, incorrectly determining inventorship can lead to patenting delays and costly litigation.

Tech Transfer Central’s Distance Learning Division has teamed up with Paul E. Rauch, PhD, Founding and Managing Partner of Evan Law Group, for this practical webinar that will review how inventorship is determined, what information needs to be collected for proper determination, and how well-defined policy can support those imperatives and avert future disputes.  You will also learn about common inventorship problems and tips to avoid or solve them.

For complete details or to register, click here.

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