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Nyxoah licenses new sleep apnea treatment from Vanderbilt

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: February 10th, 2021

Health tech company Nyxoah has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Vanderbilt University to advance new treatments for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Under the agreement, Nyxoah will further develop a series of Vanderbilt technologies that take various approaches to treating OSA-related breathing conditions. One technology, for example, is designed to stimulate the ansa cervicalis, the efferent fiber of the glossopharyngeal nerves that innervate the palatoglossus and/or the palatopharyngeus muscle.

Nyxoah plans to harness the technologies to develop a next-generation, neurostimulation-based solution to treat OSA. Over the past decade, such therapies have shown long-term efficacy against OSA, which is the most common sleep disordered breathing condition, affecting almost 1 billion people worldwide.

Nyxoah will work with Vanderbilt to patent the technologies and has agreed to pay Vanderbilt based on regulatory, development and commercialization milestones. The university will also receive royalties on future product sales.

“We are delighted to start collaborating with Vanderbilt University, a worldwide recognized U.S. university in this field of research, through this exclusive licensing agreement,” says Olivier Taelman, CEO of Nyxoah. “This will open new horizons in the field of neurostimulation technologies, improving and expanding current treatment solutions for OSA patients, and will reinforce Nyxoah’s future pipeline.”

Vanderbilt researcher David T. Kent, who invented the licensed technology, comments, “Partnering with Nyxoah creates the opportunity to build new technologies based on Vanderbilt’s intellectual property. We share the same vision of developing disruptive solutions, always having in mind that patients should be put at the center. Our mission will be to demonstrate the unique potential of such new technologies resulting in a broader OSA treatment portfolio.”

Source: GlobeNewswire

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