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Data Licensing, Protection and Policy for Universities

By David Schwartz
Published: March 2nd, 2021

When it comes to data and its monetization, things are different – and more complex – than with the intellectual property TTOs, licensing professionals, and IP attorneys typically deal with. Laws and regulations relating to consent and privacy must be navigated, along with issues related to the rights of the licensee and how royalties are distributed. And while virtually all institutions have patent policies in place covering ownership and handling of patentable inventions, data policies are still very mixed and sometimes completely absent. As more and more institutions monetize their data, the importance of a well-considered institutional data policy has become critical.

That’s why we’ve produced the distance learning collection Data Licensing, Protection and Policy for Universities, featuring two outstanding programs that combined will give you a clear roadmap for how to nail down data policies, address the tricky issues related to privacy, effectively protect your data-driven innovations, and license your valuable data to third parties while steering clear of legal potholes. The collection includes our

digital package (on-demand video and transcript), along with all program materials prepared by our expert panelists. You can share it throughout your organization!

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