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Ohio State start-up raises $116M to advance treatments for neuromuscular diseases

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: April 7th, 2021

The new innovation structure at Ohio State (see article above) got off to a fast start with the announcement of a $116 million investment secured for one of its most promising start-ups.

Entrada Therapeutics has developed a novel approach to treating “undruggable” diseases by enabling drug delivery to the intracellular space. The company will initially focus on developing treatments for commercialize treatments for multiple neuromuscular diseases.

Dehua Pei, professor at OSU and co-founder of Entrada, says the new investment helps validate the technology behind the approach. “Drug delivery has always been the challenge,” says Pei. “Companies have always been limited by what they can do, if a targeted approach is what they are going after.”

About 80% of all drug targets are out of reach of current drug development approaches. Those drugs are termed “undruggable” by the drug discovery community.

“There has really been a lot of incentive to find a way to get access to this 80% of undruggable targets,” says Pei. “That really has been the focus of my research as well as that of many other folks around the world.”

Pei also hopes that the startup’s successes will serve as an inspiration to his students and emerging researchers at OSU.

“I really hope that students will get two things out of this. One is that things they may think are impossible actually might be possible if you give it an honest try,” he said. “The second thing is that I certainly hope that my own students will get to see that even the greatest research starts with little things. Every day you do a job, you do things carefully, you make progress.”

Source: Ohio State News

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