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Nephra Bio licenses nanomaterial technology from Drexel to improve dialysis

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: May 5th, 2021

Nephra Bio, a healthcare technology company focused on innovative approaches to dialysis, has signed a license agreement with Drexel University to advance a novel nanomaterial technology.

Under the license agreement, Nephra Bio has obtained the exclusive rights to MXene technologies developed by Drexel researcher Yury Gogotsi. MXenes are inorganic nanomaterials with 2D properties, offering superior biocompatibility, higher urea binding affinity, and other features making them ideal for dialysis.

“MXene is biocompatible, capable of adsorbing a variety of small molecules, and holds a lot of promise in medical applications, so it is exciting to see it applied for improving and really changing dialysis –an area of need in health care that can help millions of people,” Gogotsi says.

Nephra Bio is working closely with both its founding company EOFlow and with Gogotsi’s lab to develop ECOCARRT, a flexible, wearable, cartridge-based system for ambulatory dialysis. ECOCARRT brings together two innovations: a small, lightweight pumping technology with low power consumption, and a high efficiency filter technology, enabling reuse and recycling of dialysate.

“Nephria Bio secured them both — the proprietary electroosmotic pump technology from EOFlow, and the filter technology from Drexel University,” says Jesse Kim, founding CEO of Nephria Bio. “With the unique combination of these enabling technologies, Nephria Bio feels that it can substantially enhance dialysis therapy for kidney patients.”

Source: Cision

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