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University-Industry Engagement Advisor, July 2021

University-Industry Engagement Advisor, July 2021The following is a list of the articles that appear in the July 2021 issue of University-Industry Engagement Advisor monthly newsletter.

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University-Industry Engagement Advisor
Vol. 3, No. 7, July 2021

  • New challenges bring new best practices for industry engagement offices. While the term “best practice” is commonly used and readily accepted by practitioners of university-industry collaborations, when it comes to a clear-cut definition things become a bit more challenging. After all, the terminology is applied to so many different types of tools and strategies and brought about by myriad pain points. Beyond that, the COVID-19 pandemic created a different reality, which led in turn to a whole new family of best practices.
  • In “new model,” UIUC and IBM launch 10-year deal worth more than $200 million. Hailing what both partners consider a “new model of collaboration,” the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and IBM have reached a ten-year research agreement whose focal point will be a major new research center for exploration in quantum information, high-performance computing, hybrid cloud and networked environments. Total investments, which will include not only IBM and UIUC, but also the State of Illinois, will exceed $200 million.
  • U Minnesota, Cisco go fast and go big in their first partnership. In their very first collaboration, the University of Minnesota and Cisco Research concluded an agreement “in record time” — an agreement that included the funding of six sponsored research projects. The initial contact concerning research sponsorship began in February; the agreements were finalized by the end of April. Simultaneously, the partners also negotiated a master research agreement.
  • Wichita State creates new industry links with alumni council for its business school. Like many other universities in the U.S., Wichita State has a robust, active alumni association, whose focus includes engagement with alumni in industry leadership positions. More recently, however, Wichita State has joined a more select group of institutions that are creating alumni organizations dedicated to specific colleges within their universities – in its case with the business school.
  • Cytiva collaboration a major step in realization of Aggie Square goals. In the “good old days,” when large regional shopping malls dotted the landscape, developers were always in search of an “anchor tenant” — a well-known department store chain that would agree to lease a large space in the mall and likely attract a trove of smaller tenants along with it.

Posted July 12th, 2021