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Mustang Bio licenses novel CAR T therapy technology from Mayo Clinic

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: August 18th, 2021

Clinical stage drug developer Mustang Bio has signed an exclusive license agreement with Mayo Clinic to advance a technology that could transform the delivery of CAR T cancer therapies.

Developed by Mayo Clinic researcher Larry R. Pease, the technology uses a two-step approach to CAR T administration. First, the patient is given a peptide to help boost his or her resident T cells, followed by the administration of a viral CAR construct directly into the patient’s lymph nodes. This effectively forms CAR T cells in vivo in the patient.

If successful, the technology could lead to an off-the-shelf product that eliminates the need to isolate and expand patient T cells ex vivo.

“This could potentially reduce the substantial toxicities that are characteristic of traditional CAR T therapy,” says Pease.

Manuel Litchman, president and CEO of Mustang, comments, “The potential use of this technology to facilitate how these treatments are delivered to patients can lead to earlier treatment post-diagnosis, and using an off-the-shelf therapy may reduce the cost of care, all of which would help bring more innovative treatments to a broader base of patients in need.”

Preclinical proof-of-concept has been established for the technology, and any further development will take place at Mayo Clinic.

Source: Fortress Biotech

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