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University-Industry Engagement Advisor, September 2021

University-Industry Engagement Advisor, September 2021The following is a list of the articles that appear in the September 2021 issue of University-Industry Engagement Advisor monthly newsletter.

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University-Industry Engagement Advisor
Vol. 3, No. 9, September 2021

  • Strong communication among campus units enhances strategic engagement efforts. No corporate engagement department is an island (apologies to John Donne). While the creation and implementation of campus-wide projects and initiatives aimed at strengthening industry partnerships most often resides within the corporate engagement office, few of these undertakings can be pulled off without the enthusiastic participation of many other departments or units on campus. Key to that participation, engagement experts agree, is effective communication with those units.
  • Ohio State spinoff helps universities evaluate strength of industry partnerships. UNITE, a consulting company spun out of The Ohio State University, is built around a data-driven technology tool that assigns a value based on the strength of corporate relationships, helping engagement professionals better manage their portfolio of industry partnerships.
  • With selection of first cohort, quantum accelerator Duality plans ‘Corporate Collisions.’ Duality, which describes itself as “the first accelerator program in the nation exclusively dedicated to supporting quantum start-ups,” has selected its initial cohort of participants and is planning new programming aimed at engendering “collisions” between the start-ups and industry partners.
  • U Buffalo helps transform start-up and nurtures a holistic partnership. It could have been as simple as a start-up licensing a university technology, but the relationship between University at Buffalo and Garwood Medical Devices LLC not only led to a redirection of the company’s growth path, but it has also grown into a fully holistic partnership.
  • UCL student program yields more than 600 industry engagements per year. University College London’s (UCL) Industry Exchange Network (IXN), launched by its Department of Computer Science in 2011, has grown to at least 600 student engagements per year, partnering with over 80 companies, according to representatives from UCL who led a recent UIDP webinar, “Student Projects with Industry.” In fact, UCL leaders noted that one of the reasons they were presenting the UIDP webinar is that they are now interested in expanding their program by partnering with U.S. universities and companies on international projects.

Posted September 13th, 2021