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IP and Royalty Audits for Tech Transfer Offices

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: September 15th, 2021

IP audits and royalty audits are essential to properly manage your university’s IP portfolio, and to ensure you’re not only pursuing assets with high potential but also addressing existing licensee activity. Making sure your IP is moving forward — and your licensees are meeting their obligations — is a critical function of any well-run TTO.

Regular and systematic review processes and procedures are absolute musts. Without them, you could be losing out on significant revenue opportunities, overlooking litigation risks, missing critical deadlines and filing requirements, and letting significant royalty dollars slip away.  

That’s why our Distance Learning Division has curated this collection of distance learning programs. IP and Royalty Audits for Tech Transfer Offices features three strategy-filled sessions that provide a detailed roadmap for assessing your IP portfolio for risks and opportunities, and assessing licensee compliance with development and payment obligations.

For complete program and faculty details, or to order, click here.  

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