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Non-Monetary Metrics that Every TTO Should be Tracking: Measuring Your Collaborative Culture

By David Schwartz
Published: November 30th, 2021

Too many TTOs have tunnel vision when it comes to metrics, seeing only licenses, revenues, patents, start-ups and other “hard” measures as important to track. These are certainly important, but the singular focus on monetary metrics risks losing focus on many of the factors that underlie those more tangible results.

After all, these numbers don’t come out of thin air, but are built through a host of collaborative platforms and initiatives — and the surrounding culture — that nurture the commercialization outcomes getting so much attention from administrators.

The way these programs and cultural factors impact the bottom line is difficult to quantify, and their contributions often get lost in the shuffle. But one office that measures and showcases these non-monetary metrics is UNeMed, University of Nebraska Medical Center’s TTO. They’ve emphasized these functions as part of their collaborative culture and tied them to specific financial results.

To help you learn from their experience and successes, Tech Transfer Central has teamed up with UNeMed’s Michael Dixon, PhD, President & CEO, and Joe Runge, Business Development Manager, to present this detailed, strategy-filled webinar: Non-Monetary Metrics that Every TTO Should be Tracking: Measuring Your Collaborative Culture, schedule for December 16th. For complete program details or to register, click here.

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