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Caltech sues Samsung for patent infringement following $1.1B win in Apple suit

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: December 8th, 2021

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has sued Samsung for infringing on its Wi-Fi patents after winning $1.1 billion from its suit against Apple and Broadcom over the same patents.

In the latest lawsuit, Caltech claims that Samsung’s Galaxy phones, tablets, watches, and other products use Wi-Fi chips that infringe on five of its data-transmission patents.

Last year, a Los Angeles jury awarded the institute $1.1 billion in royalties from Apple and Broadcom, finding that the companies used similar Wi-Fi chips in hundreds of millions of iPhones and other devices. In the recent lawsuit, Caltech says it is seeking a reasonable royalty from Samsung “as in the case against Apple and Broadcom.”

Caltech also sued Microsoft earlier this year for infringing on four of the patents, pointing to the companies’ tablets, laptops and Xbox video game systems. Microsoft has denied the claims and argued that the patents are invalid.

Source: Reuters

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