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Purdue enters five-year partnership with Wabash for transport and logistics innovations

By David Schwartz
Published: January 10th, 2022

Purdue University has inked a five-year partnership agreement with transport and logistics company that the company says will accelerate its speed to market with proprietary, innovative products.

Wabash — which makes freight, trailer, and other transport systems — sees the agreement as critical given the major logistics disruption now stemming from e-commerce and home delivery and the concurrent growth in electrific vehicles, autonomous driving, and concerns over sustainability.

“The pace of change within transportation, logistics, and distribution has accelerated meaningfully in the past two years. Wabash’s capabilities within research and development, as well as commercialization of new products, has to match this increased speed,” said Robert Lane, the company’s vice president of innovation. “As the visionary leader in our industry, we’re continually pursuing design and engineering innovations within our industry-leading first-to-final mile product portfolio. With Purdue’s partnership we can move more quickly to help our customers solve problems that derive from the intersection of logistics changes, emerging technologies, and environmental consciousness.”

This partnership connects Wabash to Purdue’s Office of Industry Partnerships, allowing the company to leverage the university’s resources ranging from advanced engineering and quantum computing power to material sciences and emerging EV technology. The end goal is to deliver new or improved sustainability-focused solutions to the transportation, logistics and distribution industries.

Source: Wabash

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