University-Industry Engagement Week

Non-Disclosure Agreements in University Research and Commercialization: Drafting Strategies for Maximum IP Protection

By David Schwartz
Published: January 18th, 2022

Based on high interest and high praise received from the initial live session, we are rebroadcasting this encore presentation at a special time – 11:00 am Eastern/4:00 pm London – to better accommodate our overseas listeners. All registrants will also receive the on-demand video and transcript of the session.

In the context of research commercialization and tech transfer, non-disclosure agreements are much more than pro-forma documents to be tossed off or copied from a template. When working with industry partners and collaborating universities or potential licensees and investors, poorly drafted NDAs can put your valuable IP in grave danger. 

Given the huge stakes, it’s imperative that universities understand the implications of a poorly drafted and executed NDA – and make sure these documents anticipate every twist and turn along the way.

Join Tech Transfer Central and attorney expert Satya S. Narayan of GCA Law Partners on February 9th for a detailed encore presentation of this practical distance learning program – and ensure you draft and negotiate NDAs that effectively protect your IP. Ms. Narayan discusses a range of scenarios and addresses critical issues associated with NDAs in university research and commercialization. For complete details or to register, click here.

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