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UChicago quantum start-up gets $1.65M grant from DOE

A quantum start-up from the University of Chicago (UChicago) is receiving $1.65 million in funding from the Department of Energy to commercialize a technology that measures a quantum machine’s performance in various applications such as finance, chemistry, energy and encryption. recently released SupermarQ, an application-centric, open-source, scalable benchmarking suite that can assess how well a device can complete optimization, simulation, error correction and other tasks.

“We believe SupermarQ can become the go-to resource for quantum customers when deciding which device to use,” says Pranav Gokhale, CEO and co-founder of “We look forward to collaborating with stakeholders throughout the quantum ecosystem — both with national laboratories and with quantum hardware companies.”

Gokhale says the $1.65 million Phase II SBIR grant from the Department of Energy will help scale up its software and boost its core research and development activities. The start-up has also received support from the Duality accelerator at UChicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship.

“The Duality program has enabled us to reach a wide array of customers, investors, and researchers,” says Gokhale, adding that the accelerator’s resources and events were “particularly valuable as ways to get on the radar of big companies that are looking to take their first steps in the quantum sector.”

Source: Polsky

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