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Arizona State U launches new multi-disciplinary tech transfer center

Arizona State University (ASU) is launching a new center to boost tech transfer nationally, using research and education to disseminate best practices and in particular bring more technologies from federal labs forward into the commercial marketplace.

The Global Center for Technology Transfer (GCTT) will call upon the expertise and resources of units across ASU, including the schools of business, geographical sciences, public service and community solutions, and urban planning, to design education programs and workshops for intellectual property managers at universities, federal labs and companies.

“A primary goal of GCTT is to identify and disseminate ‘best practices’ in managing TT at universities, firms and federal/national labs, and designing and implementing effective TT policies at the regional, national and supra-national levels,” says GCTT co-director Don Siegel.

“On the ground, we will be facilitating TT from federal labs because through our research, TT officials, and other supervisory personnel, will learn how to better manage TT and how to motivate and incentivize their employees to be more engaged in this activity,” Siegel adds. “Policymakers will also be able to benefit from ‘lessons learned,’ in terms of how to formulate and implement better TT policies.”

Sanjeev Khagram, director general and dean of the Thunderbird School of Global Management at ASU, comments, “At Thunderbird, we prepare global leaders for the fourth industrial revolution to advance sustainable prosperity worldwide. Thunderbird is proud to be a founding member of ASU’s new Global Center for Technology Transfer due to its role in advancing research and practice of technology transfer and facilitating innovation and entrepreneurship across the globe.”

Source: ASU News

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