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Petros Pharma inks sponsored research deal with Mass General for technology used in assessing erectile dysfunction therapy

By David Schwartz
Published: May 10th, 2022

Petros Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a provider of therapeutics for men’s health, has entered into a Sponsored Research and Option Agreement with the Wellman Center of Massachusetts General Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. Under the agreement, researchers will evaluate the use of a tissue-specific oxygenation sensor as a means of monitoring and understanding the success of Erectile Device Therapy.

In addition to the SRA, the option agreement gives Petros the right to negotiate an exclusive license for the tissue-specific oxygenation sensor within specific human tissues. The company plans to use the technology to potentially enhance its existing erectile device therapy.

“We believe what Mass General has developed is a truly landmark achievement in immediate and highly targeted bio-sensor feedback technology,” said Fady Boctor, Petros Pharmaceuticals’ president and chief commercial officer. “This relationship with the Wellman Center at Mass General has the potential to empower the male patient with innovative technology to enhance at-home therapy in the area of erectile dysfunction by demonstrating the effectiveness of external devices in an additional non-invasive context.”

The Mass General sensor technology – which is both mobile and consumer-friendly – is designed to enhance at-home penile therapy with bio-sensor feedback, which can inform both the patient and the practitioner of results in real time.

Source: Forex TV

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