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U of Louisville teams with Microsoft to explore AI in research

By David Schwartz
Published: May 17th, 2022

The University of Louisville has become the latest of a just a handful of schools selected by Microsoft to explore how artificial intelligence can be used to help researchers.

UofL becomes one of seven Microsoft Academic Research Consultants, or MARCs, that will help the computing giant study how researchers can leverage AI technology to, for example, sift through large data sets and glean insights. The idea is to understand research needs and develop next-generation tools and training that could generate more groundbreaking research.

“UofL is home to a rich pool of top researchers in high-tech, cutting-edge fields,” said Sharon Kerrick, an assistant vice president at UofL and head of the Digital Transformation Center (DTC), which will lead the on-campus Microsoft effort. “We at the DTC are proud to be among the other top schools to partner with Microsoft to enable groundbreaking research that’s engineering our future economy.”  

The other MARC schools are Duke University, the University of Rochester, the University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida, Texas A&M, Oregon State, and Washington University in St. Louis. The MARCs will serve as liaisons between Microsoft and faculty researchers in the effort to better understand how AI is being and could be used.  

“UofL has a strong record of researching the digital frontier, artificial intelligence and other technologies,” said Kerrick. “Through this new partnership with Microsoft, we hope to find new ways leverage those same technologies to benefit researchers.”  

Source: U of L News

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