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Coordinator at the Norman University Innovation Cluster


The Norman University Innovation Cluster (UIC) is currently hiring a coordinator of this fast growing inovation ecosystem.
The UIC project in Normandy, supported by the founders of the ComUE Normandie Université, its associates, CNRS and Inserm, has been selected as one of the five pilot sites for the experimental phase.

It leverages the innovation ecosystem gradually established in Normandy, which has fostered the development of strong interactions between the innovation partners of this UIC and the deployment of several organizational tools, at an accelerated speed since 2016, resulting in the creation of an Innovation Chain in Normandy.

The Norman UIC ambitions to consolidate and transform this ecosystem through the deployment of integrated and
customized innovation chains associating the public/private players involved in each of the targeted sector priorities and by implementing, in a concerted and coherent way, the forms of valorization in line with the needs and demands of socioeconomic players.

Focusing its actions on 3 objectives (1/ readability and visibility of the ecosystem, 2/ process streamlining and 3/ increased public/socio-economic sector interactions) by integrating the principles of SR&ED and acceptability, “Fabrique d’Innovations” aims:

• To boost the creation of high-tech companies (called deeptech) and accelerate their growth;
• To develop the amount of external resources issued from collaborations and services;
• To significantly augment the number of patent applications and licenses;
• To increase the number of start-ups resulting from the CUI;
• To consolidate the Normandy innovation ecosystem around Pépite Normandie, Normandie Valorisation and Normandie Incubation by strengthening them, by adding to them, in particular, the Carnot Institutes, the technological research centers (CRT) and the regional technical platforms (PFT) – To articulate all these structures
in integrated chains of valorization, tailored to each industrial sector-based priority, in order to bolster and increase public/private interactions;
• To improve employability (integration and job creation through the creation of start-ups in particular) by promoting internal and external mobility;
• And to develop an entrepreneurial culture allowing the “researcher-entrepreneur” paradigm to give way to one of “
researcher-entrepreneur ” in which culture and interest for innovation and valorization is developed at an early
stage, starting at the undergraduate level.

“Fabrique d’innovations” will deeply transform the innovation ecosystem of Normandy’s higher education system by helping to train highly qualified professionals, increase their employability, improve the competiveness of companies, encourage the emergence of new industrial sectors, and increase the attractiveness of the Normandy region.

Status of the position
§ Professional group: A
§ Grade: IGR – Research engineer
§ Branch of professional activities (BAP): J, administration and management
§ 3 years contract (possibility to extend)
§ Full time: 100%
§ Open to both contractual and lay-off public employees
§ Starting date: September 1, 2022
Institution of affiliation:
The Norman University Community of Universities and Institutions (ComUE)

Caen, Rouen or Le Havre

Between 40K€ and 55K€ per year (based upon experience)

Job description:
Implement ng the operational directives assigned by the COPIL in the framework of the PUI. Ensure the interface between
the COPIL and the Working Groups (WG).
The Head of Administration and Operational Coordination of the PUI Normand will report to the General Director of the
Key Accountabilities:
• Coordinate the operational team’s activities
• Schedule the activities of the PUI
• Gather the networks of territorial actors of each Sectoral Priority
• Ensure the execution of the actions decided by the COMOP in co-construction with the networks of territorial
actors of each sector priority
• Oversee the regular and continuous functioning of the WGs
• Oversee the development of the toolbox for the various WGs
• Follow up the budget, control and analyze its allocation and execution
• Monitor and analyze the performance indicators and dashboards,
• Provide strategic intelligence,
• Propose and carry out an internal and external communication strategy,
• Ensure the relay of information internally.

Knowledge and Core Competencies
• Research and innovation policy (knowledge of negotiating structuring and strategic partnerships: framework
agreement, common laboratory…)
• The partnership and research development operational chain (awareness and training of researchers,
identification of innovative projects in laboratories with potential for development, proposal and follow-up of
appropriate development methods, intellectual property management)
• Management skills
• Negotiation Techniques
• Change management skills
• Knowledge of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary field
• Organization and operation of higher education and public research
• Knowledge of the socio-economic environment and professional networks
• Project management methodology
• General budget knowledge
• Knowledge of contract and intellectual property law
• English language: B2 to C1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Operational skills
• Animating a network / a group
• Managing a project
• Acting as an advisor or decision-maker
• Transferring knowledge
• Ability to manage activities within a complex management framework and schedule
• Carry out a negotiation
• Ability to delegate
• Ensure a watch on the market
• Support a performance assessment system
• Track the implementation of the quality process
• Implementing an internal communication strategy, ensuring information is relayed

Behavioral skills
• Capacity for conceptualization
• Ability to think ahead
• ability to implement a strategic vision in an operational way

Qualifications and experience
• Degree required: PhD, engineering degree or Master’s degree
• Training field: scientific, legal, project management
• Some experience in the field is preferred

Please send your CV, a cover letter and letters of recommendation if available to

Application deadline: August 21, 2022

For any question about this position, please contact the Presidency of Normandie University,