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IP Monetization Strategies: Understanding the Buyer’s Perspective and Negotiating for Better Deal Terms

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: August 3rd, 2022

We’ve curated this two-program distance learning collection from the Best Practices for Monetizing Patents Virtual Summit to provide an inexpensive learning option focused on how to shore up your negotiation strategies and achieve better deals that maximize your IP’s value.

When you order IP Monetization Strategies: Understanding the Buyer’s Perspective and Negotiating Better Deal Terms, you’ll get immediate access to the on-demand videos, transcripts, and original program materials for these two expert-led sessions:  

Session One: Patent Acquisitions from the Buyer’s Perspective, led by Marc Booth, Chief IP Officer, Acacia Research; and Michael Lubitz, Managing Director & Founder, GTT Group. This session will help you identify the most receptive companies and help reduce the risk of potential patent buyers moving to invalidate or bring declaratory judgments against proffered patents. Our presenters outline the preferred valuation methods, why and how corporate buyers disguise their identity by retaining intermediaries, the differences in selling patents to privately held corporate patent buyers versus publicly traded patent buyers, and much more.

Session Two: Deal Terms and Negotiation Strategies, led by Louis Carbonneau, CEO, Tangible IP. This session will discuss how to approach:

  • Residual rights & grant-backs
  • Sequencing of approaching infringers
  • Orchestrating the sequencing of assertion efforts around the world, including China
  • Minimums
  • Royalty structures
  • Sublicensing
  • Covenants not to sue
  • Buy it now price
  • Best and final offers
  • Monetizing very large patent portfolios

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