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UC Santa Cruz joins TiE Global network to support entrepreneurs worldwide

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: August 3rd, 2022

The University of California Santa Cruz and TiE Global, a nonprofit that supports entrepreneurship, are partnering to launch a new program that will leverage the Silicon Valley presence of both organizations to support university-based entrepreneurs from across the world.

Destination Silicon Valley will provide participants with training, mentor access, industry networking opportunities, potential funding and more. The program will be open to entrepreneurs from TiE’s 59 chapters around the world, as well as UC students and innovators.

“Leveraging our Silicon Valley campus as the hub for this collaboration will help cement UC Santa Cruz as the UC of the valley,” says Cindy Larive, the university’s chancellor. “Our campus was founded on the tenets of opportunity and access to higher education for all, and we believe deeply that bringing together people with a wide range of life experiences and perspectives is how the world’s most challenging problems will be solved.”

BJ Arun, chair of TiE Global, comments, “TiE has a history of 30 years working with entrepreneurs and creating over $1 trillion of wealth. With our global network of chapters we can help entrepreneurs connect with the Silicon Valley ecosystem working closely with UC Santa Cruz. TiE Silicon Valley’s Charter Members will be great mentors to the teams in this program.”

Source: UC Santa Cruz Newscenter

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