University-Industry Engagement Week

Best Practices for Universities in Targeting High-Potential Partnerships

By David Schwartz
Published: August 9th, 2022

Partnerships — whether they be for funding, business development, or sponsored research and other forms of corporate engagement — have become increasingly critical to universities and the partners they work with in delivering resources, spurring innovation, expanding student opportunities, leveraging expertise, and enhancing economic development efforts.

But building these relationships — particularly those with high impact and strategic value — requires time and patience, often accompanied by long lead times. Attracting the right partner, for the right project, at the right time takes a multi-faceted approach that is part marketing and communication, part science, and part data curation. Without each part, your efforts may fall short of expectations on both sides.

That’s why we’re producing a partnership-building webinar featuring two university leaders with unique approaches to finding and landing significant collaborations that are driving growth and creating new opportunities on both sides of the deal. When you attend Best Practices for Universities in Targeting High-Potential Partnerships, scheduled for August 30th,

you’ll hear from:

  • Scott Morley, MBA, Director of the Office of Industry & Economic Partnerships at the University of Pittsburgh. Scott is the architect behind a Salesforce-driven partnering platform — including a key Opportunity Report — that helps Pitt’s business development team match industry needs with research expertise and technologies available for licensing.
  • Tom Waters, Assistant Director of Startups & Business Development for the University of South Florida. Tom brings with him years of corporate engagement experience and will share USF’s novel approach to generating partnership buzz among VCs, start-ups, and corporations.

Join us for this practical webinar that will deliver real bottom-line benefits for your university’s partnering initiatives. For complete program details or to register, click here.

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