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Best Practices in Preventing and Managing Research Fraud and Misconduct

Effective management of sponsored research is a critical factor in the overall success of every university’s research enterprise. From avoiding conflicts of interest to managing regulatory and fiscal responsibilities, the challenges are diverse and complex — and the stakes are high in terms of research dollars, harsh non-compliance penalties, and the university’s reputation.

That’s why it is so important to identify and implement best practices and proven strategies – and why we’ve created this valuable collection of distance learning sessions: Best Practices in Preventing and Managing Research Fraud and Misconduct.

This collection comes with more than 30 pages of reference materials and includes these three strategy-packed programs:

  • Discovering, Reporting and Managing Fiscal Misconduct in University Research
  • Compliance Management and Fraud Prevention in Sponsored Research
  • Sponsored Research Compliance: Best Practices for Working with Auditors

For complete program and faculty details, click here.

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