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Northumbria U start-up develops breath sampling device to detect lung infection and disease

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: September 21st, 2022

A start-up from Northumbria University has developed a breath sampling device that could assist in the diagnosis of a range of diseases and infections, including COVID.

PulmoBioMed recently completed a study of its handheld device, known as PBM-HALE, that showed 100% effectiveness in its detection of COVID-19 in patients’ lungs through aerosol collection.

“It shows the virus is found mostly in the tiniest particles we breathe out, not the saliva that might be accidentally spit out as we breathe or speak,” says Sterghios Moschos, associate professor at Northumbria and founder of PulmoBioMed. “This means that using our device in combination with the standard PCR test used worldwide, we can detect the genome of the virus in 100% of patients when sampling the breath for just one minute. This would identify anyone infectious or shedding virus.”

The device is also non-invasive and reduces the need for costly procedures often required for respiratory disease diagnosis. Peter J. Barnes, professor at Northumbria and clinical non-executive director at PulmoBioMed, says the technology has enormous potential in diagnosing and monitoring a variety of lung infections and diseases.

In addition, “the ease of collecting breath samples non-invasively means that it can be applied to children and to frail and ill patients,” says Barnes.

PulmoBioMed has received support and funding from Northern Accelerator, a commercialization hub launched by Northumbria, Durham, Newcastle and Sunderland universities.

Source: Med-Tech Innovation News

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