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Rowan University venture fund gets $20M infusion to support more start-ups

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: September 21st, 2022

Rowan University’s start-up fund is expanding to support more evolving businesses from within and outside the university.

The Rowan Innovation Venture Fund (RIVF) launched in 2014 with $5 million. Now it has received an additional $20 million to add to its current portfolio of 14 regional start-ups, many of which were launched by Rowan University students and faculty.

“We’ve invested approximately $4.3 million since the Fund’s formation,” says RIVF managing director Ernest Holtzheimer. “I work closely with our advisory committee to determine if an opportunity meets the fund’s criteria for investment. Even if we don’t initially approve an investment, we often offer resources available through the fund and the university to provide companies with guidance and information that can help prepare them for outside investment, whether it’s through the fund or other investors in our network.”

While supporting Rowan innovators is one of the fund’s priorities, its broader mission supports a key objective of the university, which is to lead economic development beyond the campus.

“At $25 million, the RIVF is among the largest venture funds from a public university in the region,” says Rowan president Ali A. Houshmand. “As Rowan grows, part of our mission must be to support innovators with the ideas and ability to launch businesses, create jobs and improve our community.”

The RIVF accepts and reviews applications on a rolling basis. It has also launched a fellowship program for Rowan students to learn first-hand how venture capital funding works.

Source: Rowan University

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