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KU Leuven researchers develop panels that can extract hydrogen from the air

Researchers at KU Leuven in Belgium have taken a step closer to the industrial production of panels that can extract green hydrogen gas from the air.

Hydrogen gas is an energy carrier that can store and produce both heat and electricity. In addition, hydrogen doesn’t release greenhouse gasses or toxic substances when you use it.

The panels created by the KU Leuven research team can convert moisture in the air directly into hydrogen, which can be stored or transported for use in a wide range of applications. The researchers have already developed several prototypes of the panels and are now ready for the next step: industrial production and commercialization.

“Hydrogen gas will be important as an energy solution of the future,” says researcher Jan Rongé. “We think in first place of heavy transport, industry and emergency power generators. With co-generation, you can also generate electricity and heat with it.”

Jan Rongé and co-inventor Tom Bosserez plan to market the panels by launching a start-up out of KU Leuven.

“In this way, we can eventually make the panels in large volumes and distribute them around the world,” said Jan Rongé. “We expect that from 2030 it will be possible to install hydrogen panels on the roofs of homes.”

Source: The Brussels Times

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