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Senior Developer at North Carolina State University


Posting Information

Posting Number: PG192314EP

Internal Recruitment: No

Anticipated Hiring Range: $103,376 – $125,000

Work Schedule: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

Job Location: Raleigh, NC


About the Department:

Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS) provides herd management information solutions and software to eleven thousand dairy farmers located in 44 states and Puerto Rico. DRMS serves dairy farmers through farmer coops – Dairy Herd Improvement Associations (DHIA).

DRMS develops desktop, mobile, and cloud solutions for on-farm management and information analysis for dairy farmers. DRMS utilizes a SQL cloud-based data warehouse utilizing in-house developed applications for data collection, lab management, data merging, record computation, report generation, information analysis, dashboard reporting, print center management, and business recovery.

Dairy producers utilize DRMS applications and reports to manage their dairy herds to ensure they are efficiently producing high-quality products while maintaining a profitable dairy operation.

DRMS applications aggregate, validate, enhance and correct data harvested through DRMS applications and third-party applications. Once the automated DRMS systems complete its data processing and analysis, the resulting information is disseminated to the 10,000+ dairy farms via the DRMS software, website, or printed reports.

Essential Job Duties:

The Senior Developer position will provide independent leadership in the design, development, and maintenance of SQL applications and databases for hosted network and computer systems operations. This position works closely with management to review requirements, and then deliver solutions that are effective, efficient, maintainable, and secure. Solutions are highly complex, ranging from the application of dairy science and farm management methodologies, as well as collaboration with external vendors, third-party system interfaces, third-party APIs, and third-party analytical laboratories.

  • Team leader for SQL database solutions
  • Team leader for designing effective data storage and data retrieval methods using SQL
  • Design, implement, and document technical software solutions in a timely manner that may include core DHIA/DRMS business rules, system interfaces, daily operations, and other relevant projects.
  • Collaborate with other staffers during software testing and maintenance. Provide tools to facilitate testing.
  • Develop and use comprehensive knowledge of DRMS technologies and products during software development as well as in the application of DRMS- and dairy-specific algorithms, practices, data structures, and business practices.
  • Advise management on the risk and stability of existing and new software solutions.
  • Manage projects that require independent research and system design. Exercise judgment with latitude on actions and decisions.
  • Consult with other developers, operations, and support staff in regards to software function, desired operations, and adherence to relevant standards or methods.
  • Advise staffers on proper operation of relevant systems and interpretation of system errors, logs, and other operational output.
  • Conduct research into existing code, methods, and operations, and advise management on porting business rules to other platforms.

Why apply for this job?

Get strong job satisfaction from knowing your efforts enable delivery of software and features to help hard-working farmers by boosting improved farm management, better animal care, saving time and getting them home to their families.

A diverse and experienced dev/QA team will complement your contributions to accelerate progress. Opportunities to both learn – including no charge for courses at any UNC System

Institution – and teach. WFH or work in your office (no cubicles). Strong job security and excellent work/life balance.

We are rapidly growing our web services with many new collaborations with researchers to deliver new science to farmers. Enthusiasm is high.


Minimum Education and Experience

Relevant Master’s degree and a minimum of 2 years of experience; or relevant Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 3 years of experience; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.

Other Required Qualifications:

  • Strong command of MS SQL and SQL Server Management Studio
  • Ability to design SQL database structures and systems
  • Experience designing and implementing effective, efficient, maintainable and secure technical solutions
  • Ability to diagnose problems and identify solutions
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Experience designing effective data storage and data retrieval methods

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ability to develop in OOP such as Java and C#
  • Experience using Salesforce Tableau or MS Business Intelligence
  • Ability to assess requirements and advise management and internal staffers
  • Ability to provide the documentation needed to support other staffers
  • Experience directing team members including contractors when developing solutions
  • Experience as decision-maker for teams

Required License(s) or Certification(s) : n/a

Valid NC Driver’s License required: No

Commercial Driver’s License required: No

Recruitment Dates and Special Instructions

Job Open Date: 01/04/2023

Special Instructions to Applicants: Please attach a Cover Letter, CV, and contact information for three (3) professional references.

Position Details:

Position Number: 00109851

Position Type: EHRA Non-Faculty

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) (1.0 = 40 hours/week): 1.0

Appointment: 12 Month Recurring

Mandatory Designation – Adverse Weather Non Mandatory – Adverse Weather

Mandatory Designation – Emergency Event: Non Mandatory – Emergency Event

Is this position partially or fully funded on ARRA stimulus monies? No

Department ID: 110705 – Dairy Records Processing

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