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Employing Metrics in Technology Transfer and University-Industry Engagement

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: January 25th, 2023

In a perfect world, the metrics used to gauge the performance of tech transfer and industry engagement offices would clearly identify areas of strength and improvement while also pinpointing weak spots needing extra attention. The data would provide a meaningful assessment of both how you’re doing and how to get better, and also offer a fair report card on your team’s effectiveness in achieving a set of well-defined goals.

But that perfect world is often not the reality for many offices, whose metrics may seem less than meaningful and less than fair. Are strictly financial metrics an accurate reflection of your office’s broader contribution to the university? Is goal setting and achievement really within your control? Are data normalized so your results and judged against true peers? While disclosures, licenses, start-ups, partnerships, and research dollars will always factor in, what other metrics can give a fuller picture of activity and impact?

To help you assess and refine your performance measurement and metrics, we’ve produced Employing Metrics in Technology Transfer and University-Industry Engagement, a three-session collection of distance learning programs filled with expert guidance on how to improve the way your office’s activity and results are tracked, analyzed, and judged. For complete program and faculty details or to order, click here.

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