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MIT start-up raises $40M to commercialize climate-friendly process for cement production

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: January 25th, 2023

An MIT spinout has raised $40 million in Series A funding to commercialize a method for producing decarbonized cement.

Sublime Systems has developed a technology that removes the need for kilns in the process of cement production. Kilns are the most energy- and fossil fuel-intensive component of traditional cement manufacturing. Sublime’s technology features an electrolyzer that makes cement at ambient temperatures from a variety of abundant calcium sources, thereby avoiding both fossil fuel use and C02 emission.

“Low-carbon cement is critical to build a decarbonized economy,” says Leah Ellis, co-founder and CEO of Sublime. “We have successfully demonstrated the viability and scalability of our approach and we are able to produce cement with the same or better strength, slump, and durability than today’s portland cement.”

Sublime’s funding round was led by climate-focused tech fund Lowercarbon Capital, with participation from existing investors Energy Impact Partners, the Engine, and Siam Cement Group, the largest cement producer in Southeast Asia.

“The support of our talented team and capital from our investors will enable us to operate our pilot facility, secure advance offtake agreements and work toward producing our low-carbon cement at scale,” Ellis says.

Clay Dumas, general partner at Lowercarbon Capital, comments, “Cement is quite literally the foundation of human civilization, but making it generates more pollution than any other industry. While many teams are chipping away at the problem, Sublime has developed a drop-in solution for traditional cement that’s just as strong, durable, and affordable and with zero emissions.”

Source: Business Wire

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