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Samsung fails to halt patent infringement lawsuit from Caltech

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: January 25th, 2023

Samsung Electronics Co. has failed in its attempt to halt a patent lawsuit filed by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) claiming the electronics giant infringed on a number of the school’s patents.

In a recent East Texas federal court hearing, US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap said that halting the lawsuit until the Patent Trial and Appeal Board reviews the patents, as Samsung requested, would prejudice Caltech and unnecessarily delay the court case.

Caltech filed the lawsuit against Samsung in 2021, alleging that the company’s Galaxy phones, tablets, watches and Wi-Fi enabled products such as TVs and refrigerators infringe on data-transmission patents previously obtained by the school.

The lawsuit comes after Caltech won a $1.1 billion California jury verdict in 2020 against Apple and Broadcom in a lawsuit surrounding some of the same patents. An appeals court tossed the verdict last year and remanded for a new trial on damages. Caltech has also sued Microsoft, Dell, and HP over the data transmission patents.

Source: Reuters

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