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Stanford enters sponsored research deal with Beyond Cancer® to study nitric oxide immunotherapy

Beyond Cancer, Ltd., an affiliate of Beyond Air, Inc. that is developing ultra-high concentration nitric oxide (UNO) as an immunotherapeutic for solid tumors, has entered a sponsored research agreement with Stanford School of Medicine to help bring its therapy forward toward regulatory approval.

The company also announced the appointment of Frederick M. Dirbas, MD, associate professor of surgery in the medical school’s Division of Surgical Oncology, to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which Dirbas will chair. Also added to the SAB was Mark D. Pegram, MD, professor of medical oncology.

The board will provide guidance for ongoing preclinical studies as well as ongoing and planned clinical trials of UNO to treat solid tumors.

According to the company, UNO therapy is a completely new approach to preventing relapse or metastatic disease when used in conjunction with tumor ablation. In vitro mouse studies show that local tumor ablation with UNO stimulates an anti-tumor immune response in solid tumor cancer models. The company believes that the therapy has the potential to prevent relapse or metastatic disease with as little as a single five-minute treatment and with few side effects.

“I am excited to have these two accomplished oncologists join the Beyond Cancer Scientific Advisory Board,” stated Dr. Selena Chaisson, Beyond Cancer’s CEO. “The goal of the SAB will be to provide us with the best possible resources from experts around the world. Their input will help determine whether UNO may provide a superior efficacy and/or safety profile than current treatment options. We have high expectations for UNO as a potential new paradigm for treating patients with cancer.”

“I am pleased to be appointed chair of the Beyond Cancer Scientific Advisory Board,” said Dirbas. “Dr. Pegram and I look forward to providing guidance to the team at Beyond Cancer on their preclinical and clinical studies as they work to translate UNO into a potential treatment option for patients with solid tumors.”

Source: Beyond Cancer

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