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Ulster University and IT company join forces to launch AI research center

By David Schwartz
Published: January 31st, 2023

Ulster University has established a new artificial intelligence research center with the backing of one of the region’s largest IT companies. The center intends to serve both the university’s research efforts as well as engage with companies on AI-focused projects.

London-listed Kainos is backing the launch of the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre based at the university. The center will be a hub for the development of AI tools that can deliver practical solutions for both the private and public sector. It will also help to underpin teaching at Ulster University and will work closely with companies from across the world.

Ruth McGuiness, data and AI practice lead at Kainos, said AI is a central plank of the firm’s focus. “For us, the emphasis is on ethical, trustworthy and responsible AI, in line with Kainos’ ethos of delivering change for good,” she said. “We’re excited to partner with Ulster University on this project and we look forward to working with local research talent on initiatives to drive innovation.”

Source: BusinessLive

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