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AI-derived IP and NFTs: Protection Strategies and Licensing Considerations

AI-generated or AI-assisted inventions as well as NFTs are largely untested in the IP legal landscape. While they present a fast-growing, potentially lucrative opportunity for universities to diversify and strengthen their IP portfolios, their cloudy IP status makes them risky bets.

Headlines addressing the controversy surrounding inventorship and ownership of AI-generated innovations and content are increasingly common and highlight some of the legal challenges faced in protecting and licensing these assets. Thus far most U.S. and foreign courts have declined AI-generated patents, but the issue is far from settled and courts in at least two countries have allowed some patent protection. 

And though NFTs are gaining popularity as licensable assets, particularly in areas like student-athlete brand imaging, art, historical items, and fundraising, do they live up to the hype? Are the risks worth the potential reward?

It’s imperative that TTOs and IP attorneys understand the unique aspects of NFTs and AI-derived technology to maximize revenue, protect their IP, and avoid patent, copyright, and trademark liability. That’s why we’ve secured Mitchell S. Feller, Principal with Gottlieb, Rackman and Reisman, P.C. to lead this insightful, one-hour webinar: AI-derived IP and NFTs: Protection Strategies and Licensing Considerations, scheduled for February 28th.

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