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Strategies for Drafting and Converting Provisional Patents

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: February 1st, 2023

Provisional patent applications are often devalued and tossed off as a quick and easy way to protect an invention for a temporary period of time, with minimal effort spent in drafting this application. But this early misstep can result in highly consequential problems during examination of the conversion application later.

That’s why our Distance Learning Division has created this practical distance learning program. Strategies for Drafting and Converting Provisional Patents features two expert-led sessions that provide a detailed roadmap for drafting a solid provisional, along with critical guidance on assessing those provisionals and determining whether to invest in conversion. The two programs are:

  • Protect University Innovations by Drafting High Quality Provisional Patent Applications. This 90-minute session, led by an expert legal team from Baker Donelson, will discuss drafting best practices for provisional patent applications to ensure they protect your IP and support your full application later.
  • Best Practices for Performing Provisional Patent Conversion Evaluations.
    Featuring Rakhi Gibbons, Associate Director for Biomedical & Life Sciences Licensing at Tech Launch Arizona, this session focuses on what factors TTOs should consider in making their patent conversion decisions, and how to arrive at a solid determination among competing priorities and issues – budget, faculty pressure, competition, IP and development risks, licensee interest, and more.

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