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IP Matchmaking Strategies: Building and Curating a Solid Network to Increase Deal Flow

Finding the right partner — whether for research funding, start-up creation and investment, licensing technology, or industry engagement — is a skill set that encompasses sales, marketing, science, art, and a whole lot of organizational proficiency.

Each contact is a valuable part of building your network, and every encounter has the potential to become a success story. But fostering these relationships is only one part of the picture. To build and maintain an effective network you’ll need to keep track of who’s who: What technologies they are interested in, who gravitates to early-stage inventions and who invests only in revenue generating companies, their interest by technology sectors, which contacts are regional vs national or global in scope, what previous communications have occurred and what are the next steps. It’s a lot of work to keep it all organized, but it pays off when you finally find “the one” and a deal is signed.

That’s why we’ve secured a panel of presenters to help you become an expert IP matchmaker. On March 22nd, join Erika Warner of Tangible IP and Joe Runge of UNeMed for IP Matchmaking Strategies: Building and Curating a Solid Network to Increase Deal Flow. They’ll each reveal their unique strategies for gaining and holding the attention of potential future stakeholders, keeping their contacts and networks organized, and closing the deals when the time comes. For complete details or to register, click here.

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