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Mind the Gap 2022 report now available

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: March 22nd, 2023

The innovation system that transitions breakthroughs in research from the lab to the marketplace is constrained by the lack of available early-stage capital and development support. To address this challenge, research institutions and partners have created technology and start-up gap funding and accelerator support programs as capital and innovation support mechanisms. Their models and structures vary, as do their levels of success, and the newly updated Mind the Gap 2022 report is your essential guide to ensuring your programs are effective in moving technologies forward with long-term impact on your innovation ecosystem.

The Mind the Gap 2022 report is a detailed development guide for current and aspiring university gap fund managers that reviews and analyzes 176 active translational research, proof of concept, start-up, and venture gap fund and accelerator programs operating at 97 universities, hospitals, labs, and affiliated organizations.

Featuring more than 50 charts, figures, and diagrams that are individually downloadable for presentations and reports, this cost- and time-saving resource will provide you with gap fund program strategies to help relieve the bottlenecks in your innovation system. Whether it’s ideas for benchmarking, program development, or stakeholder communication, this report will support your effort. For complete details and a summary report, click here.

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