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Wayne State U researchers develop novel technology for detecting tuberculosis

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: March 22nd, 2023

Researchers at Wayne State University (WSU) have developed a technology that can quickly and easily detect signs of tuberculosis (TB).

The technology targets active Mycobacterium TB infection antibodies and the Transketolase (TKT) enzyme, which is essential for the intracellular growth of TB bacteria in a host.

Whereas current tests require collecting sputum — an expensive and time-consuming process — the technology developed at WSU can be used as a simple non-sputum based serological point-of-care test that is highly sensitive and can differentiate between active TB and latent TB infection (LTBI).

“We are extremely enthusiastic about our technology and the fact that with a simple test we can differentiate active TB from LTBI and other respiratory diseases,” says Lobelia Samavati, head of the WSU research team behind the technology. “We believe that our method and TKT peptide ELISA can fit the requirements of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a POC screening method.”

The university has filed a patent application and is actively seeking companies interested in funding and commercializing the technology.

Source: Wayne State

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