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Technology Transfer Tactics, April 2023

Technology Transfer Tactics, April 2023The following is a list of the articles that appear in the April 2023 issue of Technology Transfer Tactics monthly newsletter.

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Technology Transfer Tactics
Vol. 17, No. 4, April 2023

  • Incentive plans for TTO staff are rare but effective if properly structured. A surprisingly low percentage of tech transfer programs offer financial incentives to their staff, but those who do report that bonuses can have a positive effect on performance, recruiting, retention, and budgeting.
  • NSF program looks to boost tech transfer by changing culture and faculty incentives. Imagine 100 more U.S. educational institutions transforming themselves into powerhouses of tech transfer and knowledge transfer in the next decade, on par with MIT, Stanford University, and Georgia Tech. That’s the goal of the National Science Foundation’s new Accelerating Research Translation (ART) program, part of the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to accelerate science and technology innovation in every part of the U.S.
  • Proactive approaches boost faculty engagement and bring in disclosures. The keys to successful faculty engagement, shared a trio of presenters at the recent AUTM 2023 Annual Meeting, include being proactive and accessible – “meeting them where they are.” The panel offered a range of strategies for building faculty ties, improving outreach, and bringing in more disclosures.
  • Guest Commentary: Survey of TTOs offers latest look at data licensing policies. Just over two years ago we wrote on the ongoing mismatch between the burgeoning importance of research data to tech transfer institutions and their formal written IP policies on the data. Here, we update the article with new insights obtained from an informal survey conducted by a working group consisting of TT professionals for approaches on licensing human-related data. Of the various questions we provided for TT professionals in the 2021 article as a framework for data IP policies, many have been answered by actual institutions in the survey results.
  • UK Innovate matches staff recognition awards to operating principles. In the current environment of short staffing and competition for staff, as Tech Transfer Central’s recent salary survey showed, three quarters of TTOs offer no salary incentives, and that’s likely an even lower number among state schools. But there are other ways to motivate and retain staff, and the University of Kentucky’s staff awards program is a good example.

Posted April 11th, 2023