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Performing Freedom to Operate Analyses for University Inventions

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: April 26th, 2023

There’s a big gap between a prior art search and a full-fledged freedom-to-operate analysis, both in the depth of information you need for patent decision-making and in the cost and resources used.

TTOs often make the mistake of doing only cursory analysis due to budget and time constraints, painting an incomplete picture of the IP landscape. But there is a middle ground that can serve to ensure confidence without busting your budget.

That’s why Tech Transfer Central is partnering with attorney and veteran tech transfer executive Joe Runge, JD, MS, for this practical and insightful presentation: Performing Freedom to Operate Analyses for University Inventions, scheduled for May 11th.

In this “from the real world” session, he’ll separate the “needs” from the “wants” in FTO analyses — with an understanding of typical TTO cost and resource limitations. For complete details or to register, click here.

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