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Texas A&M start-up takes home top prize at Rice Business Plan Competition

A start-up from Texas A&M University recently took home the top prize at the Rice Business Plan Competition (RBPC) for its novel gear technology.

Flux Works has developed magnetic gears that are lighter, more reliable and more versatile than traditional solutions. They can replace existing gears in a wide range of machines, from submarines to wind turbines to space exploration vehicles.

Because they are magnetic, the gears developed by Flux Works are contactless and don’t need lubrication, nor do they involve cogs or teeth, which can break in harsh conditions.

“If you break down on the surface of the moon, what are you going to do?” said Flux Works co-founder Mary Beth Graham during her elevator pitch to the RBPC judges. “You can’t call an Uber.”

Flux Works received a $350,000 first place prize, funded by Goose Capital. The competition, which is the largest of its kind in the world, included a total of 42 competing start-ups from universities around the world, including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, the University of Waterloo and others.

Source: Forbes

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