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Google, U Chicago and U Tokyo ink $100M quantum computing partnership

By David Schwartz
Published: May 23rd, 2023

Micron wasn’t the only company busy with partnership news at the G7 Summit (see story here). Google also announced a deal struck with the University of Chicago and the University of Tokyo  for research funding and workforce training aimed at developing a fault-tolerant quantum computer.

The 10-year, $100 million deal will invest in research around fault-tolerant quantum computing, support the exchange of researchers and ideas, promote quantum computing entrepreneurship and business, and train the future workforce needed to support and advance the technology.

This partnership is designed to assist in Google Quantum AI’s mission to build a large-scale quantum computer capable of complex, error-corrected computations. “We believe doing so will unlock the potential to bring tangible benefits to the lives of many — from identifying molecules for new medicines to designing more sustainable batteries, providing robust information security, and even catalyzing scientific research advances that haven’t yet been imagined,” the company stated.

Google is committing up to $50 million of the total funding, including supplying researchers with world-class advanced quantum processors, Google Cloud credits for university students and faculty, faculty research grants, funds for student projects, and funding and programs for diverse workforce development.

Source: Google

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