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World Benchmark Report: Data, Insights, and Best Practices from Business Incubators and Accelerators

The 5th Edition of the World Benchmark Report features data and best practices from 364 university, private, and corporate incubator and accelerator programs from 82 countries and 509 locations worldwide — the largest sample to date. Programs are benchmarked within their own peer groups based on three categories, seven subcategories, and 21 KPIs to reach an overall impact and performance score. And for the first time research has been extended beyond university incubators and accelerators to include public, private and corporate programs.

The World Benchmark Report is the only resource of its kind, presenting key figures and detailed guidance from top performing incubators that readers can compare and adapt to their own situation. No other resource will provide you with the quality or depth of information covered.

Priced at just $249 and delivered immediately in PDF, this report is an affordable must-have for every incubator and accelerator. For complete details, click here.

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